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World's first combined target grade + CGPA calculator. Accurately (101%) predicts the grades you should get in each of your courses to reach a target CGPA.

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What’s Your Dream CGPA?

If you knew exactly what minimum grades to get in each course during your degree to graduate with a particular CGPA you can effectively prioritize what’s important and what’s not to achieve all your goals, academic and non-academic.

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World’s Best CGPA Solution!

CGPA Calculator

Calculate your CGPA from anywhere, at anytime and with just any internet enabled device.

Target CGPA setter

Our signature algorithm tells you the exact grades you should get in every course to hit your target.

Online Result tracker

Update and track your results anytime and on the go with any device, anywhere in the world.

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Save your progress securely to the MyGpa cloud.

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Hey! Did we mention we put all your courses so you don’t have to? Yes, you only need to add your grades and click a button for all the schools we support.

University of Port Harcourt


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Federal University of Technology, Owerri

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Students like you are already feeling the impact. It's bye bye to negligence of your grades and hello to a result tracker that actually works. is really awesome! Here's why; Now I can keep track of all my courses till I leave school and it tells me courses to focus more, how to target specific courses and set realistic goals to graduate with my desired CGPA. And the best part is, I am always with my phone, so I can easily access my results and courses wherever I am.

Alero Awani

Student, University of Port Harcourt

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You don’t have to be super intelligent to graduate the best. You just require discipline and hard work — With access to the best tool for students, you can now keep your goal in front of you all the time across devices where ever you are.